Center for Movement Performance

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When you’ve experienced a major or minor running injury, oftentimes physical therapy is a necessary solution that helps you recover so you can hit the pavement again. Welcome to the Center for Movement Performance, an innovative clinic utilizing state of the art technology to aid you in your sports related injuries.

Retrain Your Brain

Without proper motion, your body may compensate and create abnormal stress on your tissues while running.  These stressors can result in acute or chronic injury.   At the Center for Movement Performance, we  will teach you how to retrain your brain so you can run correctly and without pain. Using  technology such  as high speed video, EMG analysis, and biomechanical  assessment with the use of force plates and high speed video, we are able to  evaluate how your body distributes motion and force.

ACL physical therapy

Specializing in ACL physical therapy, we employ our numerous technologic analyses to pinpoint your specific issues. We’ll then propose multiple solutions that will aid you in recovery and work with you every step along the way. We thank you for visiting the Center for Movement Performance and encourage you to check out more about CMP, as well as our Services & Equipment.

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